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NC State Extension

4-H Agriculture & Natural Resources

4-H Gardening

Help kids learn about garden planning, planting, care, harvesting, storage and careers! Helpers will enjoy involving Helper’s Guide offers activities, ideas and content to help leaders with their challenging and exciting role.

Entomology: Teaming with Insects

Studying nature inspires creativity by demanding that youth see what is around them and requires them to use all of their senses. Because science is interconnected, many of the activities show interrelationships among insects, plants, and the environment. The curriculum, Teaming with Insects, increases youth science literacy using insects and their relatives

Project Butterfly WINGS

Using Project Butterfly Wings youth will explore the outdoors through guided inquiry, learn to identify the butterfly families and common butterflies, and contribute to science.
A facilitator’s guide helps the educator guide youth through the steps in the science inquiry process, and become critical thinkers and decision makers.

Acres of Adventure

Guide for the after school teachers. Lesson plans will quickly involve youth in experiential activities related to insect invasion, farm physics, frontier living and more