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Cover photo for Radical Roots: Sweetpotatoes

Radical Roots: Sweetpotatoes

Often referred to as the “Orange Superfood”, the sweetpotato is an integral part of the American diet. From casseroles …

Recent Publications related to Field Crops

Flooded field following a hurricane in Eastern NC

Soybean Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage to soybeans is unfortunately often encountered from August through October in North Carolina …

3 hours ago

Soybean Lightening Damage

Thunderstorms can bring in lightening that can damage soybeans, typically in circular or elliptical patterns …

12 hours ago

Soybean Deep Planting

Soybean seeding depth recommendations are at 0.75-1.25 inches for North Carolina, but the right planting …

1 day ago
Soybean hail damage in the early reproductive growth stages

Soybean Hail Damage

Hail damage can occur at any point in the soybean season and the severity of …

1 day ago
Soil crusting minimzing soybean emergence

Soybean Crusting

Soil crusting is a problem that can occur after soybean planting before the soybeans have …

1 day ago
Powdery mildew of soybean

Soybean Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a common foliar disease caused by a fungus. The causal agent of …

Pansy affected by damping-off fungi.

Damping-off in Flower and Vegetable Seedlings

This factsheet offers information on damping off in flower and vegetable seedlings, a result of …

Field-grown tomato plant affected by southern blight

Southern Blight of Tomato and Pepper

This vegetable disease factsheet discusses Southern blight, a soil-borne fungus that attacks tomato and pepper, …